Demystifying Osteoarthritis: The Truth behind the Myths


The term “osteoarthritis” is often associated with certain beliefs, health survey shows, but some of these beliefs are based on wrong information. These myths associated with arthritis have been long-held as established facts but have already been disproved by the help of constant researches; however, it is still gravely misunderstood, according to the Arthritis Foundation. These misconceptions may hinder in the treatment process as most men and women who believe in them will not be able to decide wisely in selecting treatment methods. It is possible that wrong treatment or the delay of treatment due to these mistaken beliefs is factors in the increase in the number of DePuy ASR cases.

There is still no cure for arthritis and some patients are misled into believing that oils, herbs, special diets, chemicals, and other products will cure their joints problems because there is still no scientific data that will support these claims, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS). However, men and women with this health problem need not worry as there are many ways to manage it. It just goes to show that these misconceptions may affect the possibility of properly managing the symptoms and the progression of the disease.

Common misconceptions identified by the Arthritis Foundation are the following:

-      It is brought about by ageing. Although osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is frequently seen among older men and women, ageing is not the cause of its development but may only be a factor. Damage to the joints is the most probable cause and it is often due to the interaction of risk factors such as weight, age, and previous injury to the joint.

-      Arthritis is just painful joints and is not something to worry about. This illness has many forms and affects millions of individuals across various ages. It also causes affects the economy and healthcare industry because it is considered to be the leading cause of disability in the United States.

-      Exercise will only worsen it. Moving these damaged joints will help in decreasing the stiffness and pain. Most health care providers also suggest doing exercises in order for the patient to lose weight and take some pressure off the joints.

-      There is no hope for arthritis. There are studies that are being done to find other treatment options. Various modes of treatment are also available to manage the problem and even delay its progression.

It is important for those who are affected by this debilitating joint problem to know the facts and not only rely on what others say, especially since there are several people who have been affected by the DePuy hip recall.


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